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Try all the games and learn the alphabet in a fun and fast way!

Exploring the Alphabet: Learn and Play with Animated Characters!

Your child will be able to listen to the correct pronunciation of the phonetic alphabet by interacting with 21 cute animated subjects and, together with the characters, visualise the upper and lower case letters!

With the automatic function he will be able to listen to the entire alphabet or he will be able to choose a favourite letter or animated subject to listen to at will.

The association of recognisable subjects with clearly pronounced letters helps the child in pre-school language learning.

Explore and Play with Interactive Letters and Pictures!

The Explore function allows the child to play freely with letters and pictures.

Each selected letter is associated with an animated subject. The child can have fun choosing the letters and discovering the animations in simple, colourful cartoons.

The “swap” option reverses the letters with the subjects to improve the mental letter-image association.

Enjoy Finding All the Letters and Discover the Final Surprise!

In this section you will find an interactive game in which you have to find a specific letter or subject using the “swap” option.

If the answer is right, a nice victory animation will start, while for wrong answers there will be another animation letting the child know that he has to try again.

After a few wrong attempts a little help is given to find the right result.

Complete the Alphabet and Burst the Balloons!

This game stimulates the child to match letters to pictures and vice versa.

On a simple and intuitive screen, you can drag the letters to match the paired subject; using the swap option, you can drag pictures onto the letters.

The game allows free choice of letters and further encourages learning the alphabet by dragging and dropping objects.

Download it on the App Store and Google Play Store